BIRC Seminar Speaker: Dr. Kristy Brock

BIRC Seminar Speaker: Dr. Kristy Brock

Department of Radiation Oncology
Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

"Adaptive Radiotherapy: Imaging, Dose Accumulation, and Ensuring it is Correct"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 17:30 to 19:00

Shuttleworth Auditorium (D0 -104) St. Joseph's Hospital 268 Grosvenor Street London, Ontario N6A 4V2


Volumetric image guidance has enabled the changes in anatomy over the course of treatment to be easily viewed. What is not as easy, is deciding when to intervene, how to adapt the treatment plan, and ensuring that the adaptation is correct.  Retrospective analysis has given us the opportunity to investigate the potential impact of adaptive planning in external beam radiotherapy.  The majority of these studies have focused on cancers in the head and neck and cervix. The often dramatic changes in the tumour as well as the surrounding normal tissue have demonstrated a negative impact on the  delivery of the intended plan and the potential to salvage the intended therapeutic goals through adaptive replanning. The ability to accumulate the dose over the course of treatment, which enables a comparison to the planned dose, requires deformable registration to track the changing anatomy and accumulate the dose.  The volumetric changes in the anatomy challenges deformable registration algorithms, however, inaccurate modeling of these changes has been shown to compromise the accurate accumulation of the delivered dose.  This presentation will highlight a biomechanical model-based deformable registration algorithm which, when paired with appropriate imaging, can enable accurate modeling of these changes and facilitate adaptive replanning.