Congratulations to the 2014 Imaging Network Ontario (ImNO) Symposium Award Winners

On March 24th and 25th BIRC imaging students and trainees took part in the 12th ImNO Symposium in Toronto. We are pleased to announce the following award winners:

Thomas Hrinivich
"Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI parameter map sensitivity to imaging, emporal resolution in the prostate"
Jessica Kishimoto
"In-vivo validation of 3D ultrasound system for imaging the lateral ventricles of neonates"
Charlotte Blinston
"Computational imaging techniques for histological quantification of cortical architecture in epilepsy"
Feng Li
"Ultrasound based mitral valve annulus tracking for off-pump beating heart mitral valve repair"
Eli Gibson
"Toward prostate cancer contouring guidelines for focal therapy on MRI: assessment of target volume dominant lesion coverage via accurate histology fusion"
Adam Paish
"Development of a novel functional orthopaedic implant for use in a rodent model of partial hip replacement"