BIRC Awarded with Five CIHR Grants

Congratulations to Drs. Ian Cunningham, David Holdsworth, Grace Parraga, David Spence and Aaron Fenster for their most recent achievement as recipients of 2013 CIHR grants.

Dr. David Spence is a recipient of a two year grant for his project: "Intestinal Microbiome and Extremes and Atherosclerosis: 1. TMAO".

Dr. Cunningham's research on "High-Performance X-Ray Detectors that Maximize Image Quality and Reduce patient Exposures" has awarded him with a 3 year grant.

Drs. David Holdsworth and Grace Parraga have each received a 5 year grant for their respective research projects: "Dynamic Micro-Computed Tomography for Pre-Clinical Musculoskeletal Research" and "Structure-Function magnetic Resonance Imaging of Asthma".

BIRC's own director, Dr. Aaron Fenster was awarded the Proof of Principle grant. The goal of the Proof of Principle Program is to facilitate and improve the translation of knowledge and technology resulting from academic health research for the benefit of Canadians. It funds research projects at the co-investment stage in partnership with a non-academic investor. This funding opportunity is aimed at providing a platform to better enable the academic institution/researcher to move the discovery/invention further down the innovation pipeline.