Erroll Stewart PhD

Erroll Stewart PhD

I did my undergraduate degree in Medical Biophysics at Western before my graduate work. I am currently focused on cancer research, more specifically on developing non-invasive Computed Tomography (CT) imaging techniques to diagnose liver disease and/or monitor treatments. Initially I chose this area of research because of the cool factor - it was exciting and intriguing to be able to look deep inside a person’s body and take a picture of their organs, and then to use that information to help their diagnosis or treatment. Now, being able to see the technology being used in the clinic or used for drug development is even more exciting. The prospect of helping tens of thousand, if not millions of patient worldwide is now my greatest motivation. 

I had some of the greatest experiences of my life at Robarts/Western. One of the best things about Western is the strong feeling of community, whether you are working at Robarts or somewhere else on campus. You can’t fully understand the experience of working and studying at Western without mentioning the great city of London. London has a great mix of country living with big city amenities. So I had a great time here and part of that is due to the great diversity of London.

I remember my first day here with some fondness, because of the warmth and openness with which I was welcomed. Almost immediately I felt as though I was part of a team working to solve a very serious medical problem. It’s that team work aspect of Robarts that has made it so successful. At Robarts there are experts in almost every field and it’s easy to form productive collaborations. Most of what I’ve achieved here came through team work, so if I’ve been successful it’s because our team has work so hard to achieve that success. 

Western/Robarts is a fun and dynamic environment, with a rich set of opportunities to challenge you academically and to give you a world class education. My advice to prospective students is simple; just come! 

Since finishing my doctorate, I am currently a Junior Medical Physicist at St Joseph Health Care London. I will write my CCPM exam in two years, and then I hope to continue with my research. I hope to have a successful career as a medical physicist, while still being highly involved in medical imaging research.

My advice to prospective students would be to immerse yourself into the community of Western and London. For your research, find areas where you can collaborate with other researchers across a diverse field. Get involved on campus, join a student group, meet new people and really enjoy your time here.