BIRC Logos and Materials

BIRC Logos

These are the new Western-BIRC logos as of 2013. The following BIRC Logo sizes and formats are available for download. The .gif images have a transparent background. Select a logo and it will open in a new window.

Please contact Jackie Williams at  if you require different formats such as eps or vector scaleable formats.

BIRC Horizontal BW_Large.jpg - Black and White

BIRC Stacked Black & White  - BIRC Black and White Stacked - Large GIF

BIRC Stacked RGB_Large.gif - Colour Logo - transparent background

BIRC Stacked RGB_Small.gif - Smaller version of above

BIRC Stacked RGB-Large.jpg - Colour logo - white background

BIRC_Horizontal-RGB.jpg - Colour logo - white background

BIRC_Stacked RGB_Small.jpg - Even Smaller version of above

BIRC_Stacked CMYK.jpg - Colour logo for print applications - white background

BIRC_Stacked CMYK.gif - Colour logo for print applications - transparent background